My Ulterior Motives


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Jimmy Coxxx


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The Gay Men Project

Personal project of photographer Kevin Truong, his goal is to photograph as many gays as he can around the world to demonstrate that there are no stereotypical gay looks, that gay men just happen to look like men. He explains :

The idea came to me after my coming-out to my mother. We were at the table, and I had just told her I was gay : she looked so lost, she didn’t know how to react. Later, she would tell me that she was trying to see how I would look as a gay man, if I would be wearing a dress from now on. As a 56 years-old Vietnamese woman, she had no reference. What does a gay man looks like, she simply didn’t know… so she turned to stereotypes such as the man in dress. After she told me this, I thought : “I’ll photograph as many gays as he can around the world to demonstrate that there are no stereotypical gay looks”.



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